Hi, I’m Ibrahima Sylla.

Digital Marketing Ninja

Pure technology and creativity lover, I’ve fully embraced digital marketing, 7 years ago. Former System administration engineer, I turned to digital with an incredible desire to change things.

Web Analytics was the first thing that attracts me. Who says analytics, says good understanding of the acquisition channel. To be real Analytics Ninja, I’ve to know deeply all of them. From the creation of web platform (web development) to the creation of content (Inbound marketing) to pure advertising (Adwords, social media Ads management), I developed my knowledge of data analysis and prediction while acquiring new skills.


The final phase was putting into action of these skills acquired during all these years. I started an adventure as an entrepreneur by creating a web agency that had beautiful years but not for long. today, “6e Sens” advertising agency, I’m having fun as a strategic division chief which includes communication strategy, media strategy, and all the digital division.


Whatever, like a good ninja I am thirsty and curious new experiences, I will be happy to advise you and accompany you in the realization and optimization of your various activities on the internet.